Endorsements As Seen On Psychology Today…

Kathryn Sacks-Colon,
Clinical Social Work/Therapist,  LCSW-R,  PMH-C

“Joe is incredibly skilled at creating a space safe enough to reveal your inner world with care, compassion, openness and insight. Joe checks in often and will ensure you remain in the drivers seat of your treatment.”

Michael Goldman,
Clinical Social Work/Therapist,  LCSW-R

“Joseph Is an insightful and caring professional who works with clients, without judgment in order to facilitate their goals and help them find deeper understanding in themselves and their relationships.”

Brian Christopher Paquette,
Clinical Social Work/Therapist,  LCSW,  EdD

“A compassionate and insightful clinician.”

Client Testimonials and Reviews

“I’ve been a patient of Joseph Ege’s for close to 4 years now. He’s extremely kind, thoughtful, respectful, and supportive. He’s helped me a great deal in my life and continues to help me work through difficult issues. He always makes sure that I feel comfortable in sessions. He’s very punctual, let’s me know in advance if he needs to reschedule and is flexible whenever I need to reschedule. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking therapy.” ~RS

“I’ve been seeing Joe for quite a while now and I really feel like I’ve gotten a lot out of the therapy. He creates a safe space for me to explore my feelings and is supportive of the belief structures I hold that are beneficial to me, while still encouraging me to explore outside my comfort zone. It helps that he and I come from similar circumstances and lived experience, but his practical common sense and pragmatism will benefit anyone looking to enter therapy.” ~BS

“Big fan of Joe Ege. He was very attentive, had several amazing recommendations, great point of views, very empathetic and a great support to me while I was in crisis. I needed someone who had knowledge about addiction and ways to minimize anxiety and depression and he fit the bill. I am in a much better place in my life and learned how to use the tools we worked on in therapy to keep me in the right frame of mind. I highly recommend him to anyone battling with these issues.” ~DL

“I’ve worked with Joe for 2 years and we’ve done good work together. I came to therapy feeling depressed and uninspired. I had difficulty with my family and I couldn’t connect with people. We worked together to treat some of the depression symptoms which improved my mood. We specifically focused on challenges I had with my parents growing up and it really shifted the needle for me. I was able to find some forgiveness for them and move on. Joe really helped me. He is a compassionate therapist that cares about my wellbeing.” ~DS

“I must say I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to talk with Joe. His ease and soft spoken manner is just what I needed. He listened closely but did not make me feel like I was being judged. I look forward to my appointment every week.” ~GR

“I have been seeing Dr Ege for 4 years now and can confidently say he has helped me through some of the lowest points in my life. He is patient and professional, would definitely recommend!” ~HH

“Mr Ege has been an excellent therapist. I have worked with him for over three years and I have had great success in my personal life. He is compassionate, caring and has strong intuitive nature that has benefited me greatly. I highly recommend his services.” ~ CH